COVID-19 protocols could impact roadside assistance, ride-sharing apps

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – COVID-19 safety protocols have affected every aspect of our lives including a roadside emergency.

Usually, you could just get a ride from a tow truck driver but now, that doesn’t exactly allow you to social distance. Which creates a risk for both you and the driver.

Interstate Towing said there are some potential risks if someone needs a ride but, it’s much more dangerous to leave someone stranded.

Steve Gonneville Operations Manager for Interstate Towing told 22News, “We try to get the customers to find their own ride if possible. If you are broken down on the highway or if it’s a police call we will take you in our trucks. We tell our drivers to wear masks and we will sanitize the truck after the fact. We don’t have a choice sometimes. If you’re on a highway we don’t have a choice to not take somebody off. We can’t leave you there.”

Although towing companies won’t leave you on the side of the road if you have no way to get home Uber is a popular way to get around. Although Uber is allowing rides we tried using the app tonight and there were no drivers available.

The rideshare app is urging people to stay home and has mandated that all drivers and passengers wear masks while completing your trip.

Interstate Towing is reminding people that when you do see a disabled vehicle or a tow truck to slow down and move over.

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