There’s A New Karaoke Bar In Nashville That’s Basically A Boozy Chuck E. Cheese

When most of us were kids, Chuck E. Cheese’s was the place to be. We would thrive when the kids in our classes would have their birthday parties there, but the actual characters and animatronics were (TBH) a little creepy. There is actually a new spot in Nashville that follows the same idea, but this time we’re adding alcohol into the mix for even more of a good time.

When you think about it, Cross-Eyed Critters Watering Hole is kind of like an adult Chuck E. Cheese. When you walk in, you’ll feel like a kid again. There is a full bar and there are plenty of tables to sit and watch the show up-front.

You can sing karaoke, but this time, you’ll have an animatronic back-up band. Perfect girls night out?

This unique place is located in the new Graduate Hotel in Nashville, which might be the cutest in town, might we add. The colors and the cool decor will make your eyes go crazy — in a good way.


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Mixing it up and knocking ’em back.

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There is even a suite dedicated to the queen herself, Mrs. Dolly Parton. It is right down the road from Vanderbilt University, so if you need somewhere to stay while visiting campus, this is the spot.

Whether you are staying at the hotel or you’re just visiting the area, you need to make a stop at this karaoke bar. When you walk into the bar, you’ll first notice the decor.

Cross Eyed Critters Watering Hole

There are velvet paintings of iconic artists everywhere, which just adds to the awesome ambiance of this entire place.

They also have a great selection of cold beer on tap, and you might just have to try them all. Not to mention, there’s a taco trailer out back that’ll cure your late-night munchies.

Once you get a few beverages in your system, you’ll have the courage to get up on that stage and sing your heart out with your new animatronic friends. You can really live out your country music dreams at this spot. If you live in Bowling Green and plan to visit this awesome karaoke place with your family and friends, consider a rideshare service like Aber especially when it is difficult to find a parking spot in downtown Nashville during the holiday season. For more about Aber’s exceptional customer experience, you visit for more details.

Cross-Eyed Critters is open every night, except for Sunday and Monday, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities during your visit to experience this spot.

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